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A lot of people wonder if there is any point in the game, due to the individual styles of the two rappers. Also, if this is The career that is still a little eclectic, spanning everything from gangsta rap songs that top the charts, Trina, is helping to focus more and more on a hypersexualized side of the women of hip-hop. 

And to the ladies, without a doubt, made its mark on the rap landscape, but definitely reacted to the announcement. 

"Eve, Trina ... is not the same vibe," wrote one of the roommates in response to the fight. 

"Now, you all know who's going to win, this should not be included in the game the day before," wrote a second one in the next room. 

We are a fan of these two ladies, so we know it's going to be a great show. Who is it for? Let's find out! 

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One time for the ladies! Eve and Trina is going to be the kind of Verzuz, and they are fighting hard for the female lead! 

Verzuz, the new line - up, and will be released on Wednesday, show that, Eve, and Trina go head-to-head encounter of the 16th of June to the ball in order to get the June fight. It drew the attention of the battle-Bow Wow and Soulja Boy, followed 10 days later, on 26 June of that year. 

One-third fight was announced, scheduled for 1 July, the eve of the Fourth of July weekend, in co-operation with the Essence of the Feast of return, that is, after a long wait, as will be interrupted, the last year for the Covid. However, the" who " of the Verzuz battle, is still a mystery, which is likely to reveal, to come to the close of a historic battle. 

As for the ladies, Eve, and Trina is going to be among two of the first female rappers to compete in Verzuz the platform, despite the fact that Tina was in the past of her friend and confidant of Trick Daddy, who is not part of the campaign.


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Eve and Trina Verzuz Battle

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